No More Jokes (Kerber Art 2019)

The book No More Jokes presents a large collection of drawings and paintings by Terje Nicolaisen, which spans over a period of more than 20 years. Here, emphasis is placed on a personal, strong and visually interesting vein with a free and spontaneous expression



Tegneklubben + Håkon Bleken

We did sessions and hanging at the TRONDHEIM KUNSTMUSEUM together with Håkon Bleken.

Check Tegneklubben for more

Tegneklubben on the road

We did a hanging of 299 works in Bergens KUNSTGARASJEN last week

Goya’s Dog

For an exhibition at Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall in Arendal, due to open 18th march 2017, Nicolaisen tries out yet another way of experimenting with the notion of the contemporary artist. An epiphany at the Prado museum in Madrid, in the hall of Goya's Black Paintings, sets of another search for the big Why.

Soloshow at Kunstnerforbundet

9th of June - 10th of July 2016

Paintings 2016

Review in Klassekampen Wedn 15th june 2016 (see image norwegian only)

Also mentioned by Kåre Bulie in D2 magazine
08.08.16 in an article about painting today

According to Kunstnerforbundet 3000 visitors saw the exhibition

New LP out: 1974

The new LP 1974 (Safe&Sound Recordings) is out on most platforms and the the shop.



From vinyl 1974 on Safe And Sound Recordings also on most streaming platforms

review in The Wilhelmsens

"Jeg har som sagt hørt mye på dette albumet, og jeg må bare si at jeg elsker det tvers igjennom. For her er snakker vi utvilsomt om en helstøpt artist og låtskriver som fortjener et langt større navn enn det han allerede har – omså «bare» grunnet denne fabelaktige utgivelsen"