Book Under Production!!
The book No More Jokes is under production these days and will hopefully hit the market before xmas. KERBER Verlag will publish the book from Berlin and we are excited. The team here has been editor / image editor Johanne Nordby Wernø, Ruby Paloma from TOKONOMA is managing the production, Mariann Enge is appointed copy-editor and both Kjetil Røed and Tina Rigby Hanssen have written texts on Terje Nicolaisen’s work.

The book consists of a compilation of approx 185 reproductions of work by Terje Nicolaisen in color, selected by the Norwegian curator Johanne Nordby Wernø over a period of five months the winter 2017/18.

Engaging in talks and investigation into more than 1500 works, Wernø has together with the artist found a segment of his works that focus on visual strength, rather than a conceptual, biographical or other thematical approach.

Two texts are meant to follow the editor’s specific pitch i.e one essay by the writer Kjetil Røed (releasing his latest book on Skira) and another essay focusing on establishing the context wherein Terje Nicolaisens oeuvre could be placed, in particular his diluted portraits

The texts will be published in English

Possible front cover
Anna Maria Gudmundsdottir (1996), Acrylic ink on paper, 250 x 250 mm