No More Jokes (Kerber Art 2019)
The book No More Jokes presents a large collection of drawings and paintings by Terje Nicolaisen, which spans over a period of more than 20 years. Here, emphasis is placed on a personal, strong and visually interesting vein with a free and spontaneous expression



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Nicolaisen has a rich and diverse creative activity behind him, with conceptual works that deals with
everything from institutional criticism, proposals for public projects, installations, performance and music,
often conveyed with a humorous twist.

The book No More Jokes emphasizes another and more sincere vein in Nicolaisens art, where his distinctive
portraits of known and fictional characters make up the main source. Through moods, color usage, lines and
picturesque qualities we meet Nicolaisens strong talent for form, color and figurative richness.

No More Jokes contains a biographical text about Nicolaisens artistry of art historian Tina Rigby Hansen, as
well as an analysis of the artist's portrait work by art critic Kjetil Røed.

The book was edited by critic, curator and editor Johanne Nordby Wernø, and the design is by Ulf Carlsson. The book is published by Kerber Verlag (Berlin) and is the first internationally published book about Terje Nicolaisen's art.

Terje Nicolaisen (1964) lives and works in Oslo. He has been purchased by, among others, the National Museum, the Munch Museum and KODE Bergen Art Museum and has had solo exhibitions at Henie Onstad Art Center, Galleri Riis and Kunsthall Oslo.

Johanne Nordby Wernø (1980) is a critic, curator and editor residing in Oslo. She has published texts in Norwegian and international press since 2000. In the years 2013 to 2016 she was head of the Young Artists' Society (UKS). She also has worked for the Norwegian Consulate General in New York and in editorial positions for the journal Kunstkritikk.

Tina Rigby Hanssen (1971) is an art historian, writer and curator. She has a doctorate in art history from the University in Oslo and a curatorial study from Konstfack in Stockholm. Currently, she is an academic advisor on contemporary art with Norwegian Encyclopedia. She has published articles on art and sound art in eg. International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media, The Soundtrack and
for Soundeffects.

Kjetil Røed (1973) is a critic and writes about art, film and literature in a number of magazines and newspapers. He has been art critic for Aftenposten (2010 - 2017) and currently writes for Vårt Land. Røed is the editor of the trade journal Visual art and publishes two books in 2019; Working Through The Past (Skira Forlag 2019) and Art and Life: an instruction manual (Flamme Forlag 2019)

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No More Jokes - Terje Nicolaisen - Kerber 2019
Virginia Woolf (with fold) (2007), Ink and watercolor on paper.
Untitled (more body dancing man) (2017), Watercolour on paper.
Sick Artist VI (2011), Ink and watercolor on paper.
Dale Cooper (yoga) (2018), Ink and watercolor on paper.
Untitled (bending over) (2017), Ink on paper.
Albert Camus (2007), Ink and watercolor on paper.
Summer Darkness (2005), Ink and watercolor on paper.
Dag Solstad (2017), Ink and watercolor on paper.
Grevener Strasse Münster (after Thomas Struth) (2004), Ink and watercolor on paper
Leben Mit Pop (2018), Ink and watercolor on paper.
VKA Anna Maria Sigmundsdottir (1997), Ink, acrylic and watercolor on paper.
Untitled (careless whisper) (2003, Ink and watercolor on paper.
Two Men (2015), Ink and marker on paper