Summer 2019 - five entries
Honored to be part of 5 exhibitions this summer

Østlandsutstillingen, Harpefoss Hotell, Vinstra

PLUM TRIM, Nesodden, 29.June - A new take on the Goya works

Atelier de Pilar GÙELL, Barcelona, 1.august, Anniversary Exhibition for Can Serrat 30 Anys

Hvitsten Salong 2019, Hvitsten, 2-4. August

Golsa Gallery, Oslo, GIFC2019

White Squaw, Oil on found objects
Maestro de Perro Semihundido Detectado
Can You See The Master Of The Dog?
Dear Manuela (primér correo)
Primero Repuesta de Prado
Hvitsten Salong 2019, Arrow with letter sent from an island up North to Hvitsten Salong, mounted on Theodor Kittilsens House.
Letter sent from Leka, Norway to Hvitsten Salong
Six portraits in the series "Influencia De Cerdos", installed at Atelier Gúell
The artist washing the tiles 30 years ago
one of 11 works submitted to GOLSA for GIFC Got It For Cheap 2019