1974 Vinyl LP

The of august I released together with Safe & Sound Recordings and the eminent producer Petter Pogo
an new LP with 10 songs.

Available in most streaming platforms, but first and foremost as vinyl at Safe&Sound, Big Dipper or Platekompaniet

Norsk Sokkel

Norsk Sokkel Award

Terje Nicolaisen

Vinyl Studio Album LP

Written, recorded and mixed - 20 song for a vinyl studio album on the obscure label Foreningen For Den Usynlige Hesten


Tegneklubben (The Drawing Club) is a collaborative artist collective consisting of Paul Dring, Terje Nicolaisen, Ulf Carlsson, Martin Skauen and Bjørn Bjarre.


13 song CD

Written and recorded at Kunstwerke, Berlin, on a recidency in November 2006