WORK   2008
0047 Rykk Tilbake Til Start - Return to Start!
92 artists show work from their starting pit as artists

curated by Jan Christensen

Academy work from 1993

In 1993, Within the three first months of the academy training we were pushed by our professor Duba Sambolec to show at least twice in the school white cube space.
At the time I was fascinated with similarly looking objects and different ways to organise them. I found 14 oldschool shoppingbags in a container and brought them to school. I interacted with the obejcts in the space for three days before showing the photographs for a grouptutorial in the actual space.

I called the project The Shoppingbag Experience

Rykk tilbake til start! is divided into six different shows, each open to the public for four days. Firmly established names as well as fresh-out-of-school artists are represented, and together with writers and designers they make a surprising combination of expressions. With keywords such as experiment, process, speed and quantity, Christensen has encouraged the participants to show their sources of inspiration, sketches, shelved projects, prototypes and new ideas – everything but finished, polished projects made for the white cube

In 2008 I choose to show these photos again, this time as documents of a 1993 performance

Exhibition dates and participants :
Thursday 17.01 – Sunday 20. 01
Ane Graff, Anders Smebye , Anders Valde, Are Blytt, Are Hauffen, Are Mokkelbost, Arne Borgan, ARNELL//LELLO, Atle Hynne, Bård Ask, Leander Djønne, Steinar Kristensen and Åsil Bøthun
Opening reception: Thursday January 17, 19h
Thursday 24.01 – Sunday 27.01
Christian Brandt, Christina Peel, Dag Erik Elgin, Daniel Theodor Jangmar Paulsen, Gard Frantzsen, Hjørdis Kuraas, Ignas Krunglevicius, Ingrid Lønningdal, Ingvild Kjær Tofte and Ingvild Langgård
Opening reception: Thursday January 24, 19h
Thursday 31.01 – Sunday 03.02
Camilla Kloster, Christian Blandhoel, Christin E. Holthe Olsen, Josefine Lyche, Karolin Tampere, Kjell Varvin, Kristian Skylstad , Kristin Nordhøy, Lars Morell, Magnus Vatvedt, Maren Juell Kristensen, Maria Sundby, Steffen Håndlykken and Yngvild Rolland
Opening reception: Thursday January 31, 19h
Thursday 7. 02 – Sunday 10. 02
AKFF!, Endre Aalrust, Erlend Hammer, Morten Kildevæld Larsen, Munan Øvrelid, Oda Broch/Sondre H. Bjørgum, Pablo Castro, Per Osker Leu, Randi Nygaard, Richard Nygård, Stian Eide Kluge, Richard Øiestad, Sex Tags and Sofie Berntsen
Opening reception: Thursday February 7, 19h
Thursday 14.02 – Sunday 17.02
Anne Szefer Karlsen, Arentz/Heibø, Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen, Eva Kun, Ivan Brodey, Karen Kviltu Lidal, Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Marius Martinussen, Maya Økland, Odd Fredrik Heiberg, Permafrost, Stine Walderhaug, Susanne Kathlen Mader, Sverre Malling, Terje Nicolaisen, Thor Oreld/Leon Mathisen and Torgeir Husevaag
Opening reception: Thursday February 14, 19h
Thursday 21.02 – Sunday 24.02
Jeannette Christensen, Johan Sæther, Kari Steihaug, Kim Andre Hagen/Diana Ailin, Lars Brekke, Marlie Mul, Marte Johnslien, Mikkel Wettre, Nils Olav Bøe, Per Hess, Sandra Vaka, Trond Hugo Haugen, Trond Kasper Mikkelsen, Ulf Verner Carlsson, Vibeke Tandberg , Yngve Holen Øivind Kristiansen/Nils Wogsted

The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
The Shoppingbag Experience (1993)
Yngvild Neergaard, Terje Nicolaisen, Anders Langholm and Siv Johansen in Alicante 1988