WORK   1999
By The Way Gallery

1.8 - 21.9.2000


Terje Nicolaisen lager malerier direkte på vinduene med en nal-teknikk spesielt utviklet for b.t.w. Testing out the Visa Painting possibilities on a glass surface

This reseach were actually done before any of the actual Vis Paintings were done

Two years later I rewarded the gallery with the first Norsk Sokkel Award 2001

Thats when I discovered the symbolic meaning of corruption and added this as a strong potential to the work Norsk Sokkel Award. In 2014 I installed a large outdoor sculpture in Rome with this aspect in mind.

By The Way Gallery 1999
By The Way Gallery 1999
Norsk SOkkel Award 2001 to By The Way Gallery. Bergen Kunsthall 2001