WORK  2014
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Hanne Kolstø + Terje Nicolaisen med venner
Concert in the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter studio

Together with my friends from Sister Rain + Thomas Bergsten (Harvey Steel) xxwe worked out an hour long program based only on loose ideas that came up during jam.
Performed without notes but with a visualization at the wall to help us remember.

HOK: 27 April, 14.00 Konsert med to særpregede norske artister i ingenmannslandet mellom pop og kunst.

The performance was OK but the results were not that great. I totally take this on my account. To hide the result from further publication and still publish it, I decided to make a limited edition MC which is now out (2 years after the gig so people forgot),
still not really out cause it's in a drawer at my studio. (It could be sent on request)