WORK   2015
Plateomslag. Vinylens tilbakekomst
Visningssted: Nasjonalmuseet - Kunstindustrimuseet, 07.06.2015 - 13.09.2015

I did make a few paintings on found album covers
Three of them were shown in this show at the National Museum
in a historic survey of norwegian album covers.

The other 30 or so covers are included in the collection of
Artist Books that as we speak are numerous, towards 400 unique entries.

Hagströmer, Denise (Kurator samling)

Hej Ljud - Kims neste skive (2015) Akryl på funnet platecover
Hamningarna - Suprevmatism (2015) Akryl på funnet platecover
Influencia de los Cerdos (2015), Akryl på funnet platecover