WORK   2018
Tegneklubben in the flow
Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger 2019,
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum 2019
Trondheim Kunstmuseum with Håkon Bleken 2018,
Kunstgarasjen in Bergen 2018
and Tegnerforbundet in Oslo 2018

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As a curator, it has been my pleasure to be allowed to dig in the Tegneklubben archive. With a low threshold and compromise for the most part, the club has since 2004 created a safe space for freedom and absurdity. The club discusses, comments and focuses on a variety of topics and issues in the immediate vicinity, but also many other strange and absurd scratched pieces of text and oneliners, in the form of drawing, painting, collage - and always on A4 sheets.
The club's extensive practice has generated an archive of over 10,000 works, and a multitude of image worlds that undoubtedly strike something in everyone. Those that says anything else are lying. Meet sweaty yoga men, Trump, suggestions for art projects, logos and museums, disobedient objects and bananas, paint splotches, eggs and elephants, and not least illogical pieces of text that add meaning to an apparently meaningless universe.
Out from the dusty darkness of the boxes, I have selected works based on exhilarating subjective impulses, sometimes corrected by more intellectual reflexes. Some darlings have been sacrified along the way, but that's always the way.

Monica Holmen

Tegneklubben feat. Monica Holmen 2019
Tegneklubben at Cafe Hærverk 2018